Courses Available

Estimated time to complete for each is 15-20hours.

  1.  “Let’s Go!”

For complete beginners who have had little or no contact with the language. Start speaking, one word at a time!

Includes: Conversation.
Basic vocabulary and grammar.

2.    “Step Up!”

For students with a basic knowledge of Spanish or French or who have completed the Beginners course.
Students who took GCSE in the past.

Enables students to build on their knowledge and develop further vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills

3.    “Moving On!”

For students progressing from Step Up!
Students who have studied before and who have a sound knowledge of the Present Tense.

Enables students to revise and develop their survival skills and to learn more complex language for everyday situations.

4.  “Advanced!”

For students who have completed  “Moving On!” or who have a high GCSE or an A-Level.

Enables students to develop their skills, particularly everyday conversation, and to communicate effectively in most situations.

Elements include:
– expressing and justifying  opinions.
– talking about plans and hypothetical situations.
– accessing and discussing genuine source materials.
– increasing fluency in everyday situations.